cyelon sapphires

Mining and

Over centuries, mining in Sri Lanka has maintained small to medium scale operations, done mostly by hand by hundreds of thousands of villagers. Typically family-oriented in nature, gem mining businesses are in a closely-knit community of miners, polishers, cutters, designers and sellers. Everyone is a stakeholder in the business. In addition to wages, miners are entitled to a percentage of profit of every gemstone sale from their mine.

Sustainable, ethical mining of sapphires has been made possible by local authorities who pay careful attention to the governance and practices related to gem mining. In order to ensure ethical sourcing and distribution of sapphires, fair trade is seen through a “mine to market” model, whereby miners themselves manage the distribution of stones at market in Ratnapura. Children are prohibited from engaging in mining operations. Environmental sustainability is of utmost importance, reflected in laws to ensure land reclamation. Gems from Sri Lanka are conflict-free, ethical and environmentally sustainable.

The Stone of Great Faith has been justly purchased. KVCF, the current owner of the stone, is dedicated to upholding a high standard of fair trade. Additional compensation will be paid to the miners associated with this stone upon its sale.